Yearning Is The Key To Love

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Your yearning for love is so powerful that I can feel your heart all the time. When you openly love me I can feel your heart, but I can also feel your heart’s yearning when you are angry or sad. To me, your heart is always calling, even though sometimes I am unable to open with you because your emotions divert me. I may be afraid or distracted and you may be upset, but still I feel your heart’s yearning. And I need to feel your heart. Your yearning draws me back into love’s depth. Your yearning is my invitation into your heart.

Feel deep into your heart. Feel your tremendous yearning. Although you may sometimes reduce this deep yearning to shallow neediness—the need to be loved by a man or by yourself—actually this deep yearning is the openness of love. This yearning is the hole through which the divine love that lives open as the universe can be felt to emerge. Your boundless depth of love comes to light through this hole of yearning when you trust open as love’s ache.

Deep heart yearning is not a problem to be solved, but a divine pull to open as devotional surrender, as wide as all, now. With or without a man, whether or not you feel worthy, you can offer your heart’s openness through your yearning, right now, as you are.

This capacity to offer your open love is indestructible. No amount of rejection or betrayal can destroy this offering of love. You may still at times feel hurt, tortured, and mangled in the fearful denial of love that your man, friends, and family may inflict on you, but their denial need not instigate yours. In the face of rejection and unlove, you can continue to open as the full strength of your heart’s yearning and devotional surrender, opening in spite of the hurt that your unprotected heart feels, opening in the midst of emotional upheaval, yours and others’.

Devotional love is unstoppable, if you will only offer yourself wide open in the midst of suffering. If you are in a relationship, and your man is being a jerk, you may offer love’s yearning as a strong demand: “I love you, and I won’t tolerate less than your fullest consciousness.” You may yell at him, and your rage may shake the house, but your heart need not close in the midst of love’s fury.

When you love somebody fully, your heart’s wrath may naturally be evoked in response to their repeated refusal to offer their deepest gifts. Anger may be your deepest expression of love in a moment of being frustrated by your lover’s chosen limits and numb denial.

In any case, whether you are angry or hurt—beneath and through all emotions—your love yearns. This indestructible love is the same love, or openness, that yearns at the heart of all beings. Even when you are tense or upset, you can practicing surrendering your body and heart to be breathed open by this love that yearns in everybody’s heart.

Dear Lover by David Deida

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