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The way that you live is probably not your true destiny.

How would you live if you were fearless, if you lived your life as an expression of your deepest heart?

As an act of unrestrained love, you might become a mother, a politician, or a writer. Perhaps you would invent a vaccine, create a business, or perform music. You might become a farmer, a teacher, or an attorney. Love moves each person in a different way.

The way love moves you is your true destiny. When you don’t add fear to love’s force, your life unfolds unimpeded. Each day is a flowering of your deepest gifts. At work, with your family, and alone, each moment springs open from the depths of your heart.

How can you allow your true destiny to unfold? In this moment, allow your breath to be full, strong, and tender, as if pressing love from your deep belly into the softness of your lover. Relax your muscles, open your senses, and feel into the world around you, as if feeling into the light of a dream, breathing this light in and out. From your deep heart and soft belly, offer love outward in all directions as far as you can open to feel. Your true destiny unfolds freely when you live every moment open and shine as an offering of love.

However, if you add fear to your life—as most people do—then your moments take the shape of your cringe. Anxiety about money clips the artistry of your career. Fear of loss stifles honesty with your lover. Your gut tenses because you don’t really want to be where you are. Fear is the opposite of love.

Few men or women live their true destiny. Most follow a trajectory bent by fear. Your true destiny is lived by giving everything and loving open without waiting.

If you wait to open fully, then your heart aches as your life curls in the shape of your chosen consolations. Your bedtime snuggles and TV rituals can assuage your pangs of unlived love for a while, but your heart’s pain of closure slowly accumulates to unbearable.

Sometimes a crisis exposes your heart fully open. Your business unexpectedly fails. Your child becomes terminally ill.

Stripped of what you most cherish, you are left out in the open and unprotected.

One way or another, you come to face the truth: Everything you acquire is eventually lost. Every body you hold eventually dies.

You have been waiting to give your deepest gifts, waiting to love without holding back, while your life—everyone’s life—passes.

You have bartered your true destiny for false comfort and muted agony.

You can stop waiting. When you are ready, you can intentionally breathe open as the full truth: Love is who you are. This moment is as open as you are willing to be. All your guarded moments are life wasted.

You can start opening fully now. If you feel fear, if you are waiting for more security or comfort, if you are holding back your gifts or closing down your love, then feel your act of closure fully. Feel the tension in your muscles, the clenching of your jaw, the hardening around your heart. Feel fear’s shape, in your muscles, emotions, and life choices. Feel the brightness of the moment constrained by your apprehension. As you feel yourself doing the shape of fear, breathe more fully, in and out.

As you inhale, expand your belly more fully, filling your deep gut with love’s light and energy. Then, as you exhale, offer love outward to all, relaxing your muscles open, feeling out into the colors of the world as you continue breathing. Feel others more deeply. Feel their hearts’ longing and joy as you breathe their aliveness in and out of your heart. As if breathing the light of a dream, breathe the aliveness of the entire moment in and out. Continue opening, feeling all, breathing all, loving open, allowing your actions to unfold as your deepest offering.

When fear returns, which it probably will, feel the shape of your closure. Feel your fear, feel everyone’s fear and darkness.

Inhale everyone’s fear deep into your open heart and exhale love’s open light as an offering. Relax and feel everyone so openly that you feel as everyone, as their shape, as their fear, as their deep heart’s love. As everyone, open and breathe. As the shape of the entire moment, open and breathe. If closure remains, feel, breathe, and open again, without end.

Your true destiny is lived by opening as love and offering your deepest gifts, moment by moment. How you do this—as a mother of three children, as a hermit in a cave, or as a political leader—is for you to discover as each moment unfolds open as unimpeded love.

If you have opted for a life shaped by imagined security, you can feel your true destiny in your heart, waiting to be lived, wanting to open as the offering of your life. As you breathe open and offer your deepest gifts of love, your life can flower afresh. As you slowly open your heart’s cringe, your business may show a new style. Your sexual depth may open to your lover more fully.

Anything can happen as your heart unfurls and your moments open wide as love.

Your true destiny may seem far less predictable than the imitation you have spent years holding in place. The choice is yours in every moment. You can hold the shape of a consoling lifestyle for decades. It only costs your life.

Blue Truth by David Deida

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