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by Amara Charles

A real woman is easy to spot. She stands out because she is quite rare. She moves as pure radiant love expressing itself in spontaneous, limitless and unique ways. A real woman is alluring, but not in the way you may think. Her beauty is not a surface quality that fades with age nor is her elegance dependent on cosmetics or surgeries to maintain. A real woman is authentic; she shines with a substantial and truly magnetic glow.

Many women however have lost connection with the genuine feminine qualities that make them irresistibly beautiful. They have lost touch with much of their delicate softness, their gracefulness and deep compassion. They have come to doubt their highly intuitive natures. Most importantly, many women have turned away from the real source of their enduring feminine beauty. They have relinquished the full expression of their lush sexual energy.

A real woman understands that the strength of her feminine vitality is directly connected to her loving sexual energy. When a woman goes for long periods with out expressing her sexual essence she starts to lose her passion for life. She may begin to complain and criticizes her partner for seemingly unrelated issues. She can become controlling, jealous or demanding in petty ways. Or she might just feel tired, lonely and uninspired. For whatever reason, if a woman does not express herself sexually she accumulates negative emotions and denies her self the glory of her radiant feminine beauty.

Although many women will say that they really do enjoy sex, most will also admit they are frequently disappointed. When a woman is frustrated because she has not found a way to be sexual in the way she likes, she may try to convince herself that sex is no longer all that important in her life. She may attempt to replace what is missing by filling her self up with other things- with food, houses, flowers, children or a busy life. But all this activity never quite replaces what she needs. If a woman is to regain her feminine power she needs to understand the importance of her own sexual energy.

A Real Woman knows that sexual energy is good for her. She knows how to draw healthy sexual experiences to her. She knows how to engage with respectful, strong masculine energy that she can trust. She may be well aware that many men are somewhat timid and not yet aware of their own masculine essence, but she is not critical or judgmental of them. She sees right through their weaknesses and knows how to bring out the best in a man. She is confident in her own feminine prowess and thus can bring out his strongest qualities. Because she understands that feeling the full spectrum of her sexual nature is absolutely essential to her youthfulness and overall happiness, a real woman makes it a priority in her life to keep her sex life interesting and alive in whatever way she sees fit.

A real woman trusts herself. She knows how to move with continuous flow of her ever-changing intuitive perceptions. She is so tuned into her perceptions that she knows what she needs in a given moment. Her strength comes from knowing when she needs to rest, when she needs to exercise, or when she needs mental stimulation. She also knows the moment she would like to make love is likely to change soon, so when she feels turned on she says so. She is neither confused nor overwhelmed by the constant fluctuations of her insights or moods. This is part of the allure of a Real Woman: she is a subtle rainbow of moving feelings. She is unpredictable.

You could say that a real woman is hard to find. True, but she leaves unmistakable clues everywhere she goes. You can hear it in her voice. She is clear about what she enjoys. She loves to laugh; she is calm, patient and kind, yet she will challenge you in an instant. You can see it in her body in the way she moves. She is smooth and aware. She rarely needs to control situations by displaying her power. She often prefers to observe, like a sleek jaguar, effortlessly waiting for the precise moment to act.

Although a real woman may wear many faces and can be quite mysterious, she has several instantly recognizable feminine features. She is irresistibly attracted to strong, elegant masculine energy. She likes to be ravished from time to time. She likes to surrender into existence until she melts into everything. She is receptive to deep sensuous, loving union. She longs to release the energy that gathers up inside her as pure love. And she wants a real man who is strong enough to come and get it from her. She is highly selective of who she interacts with yet she shares her radiance generously, openly enjoying the vast abundance of opportunities that come her way.

So what do you do if you feel you have some of the qualities of a real woman, yet are having a hard time finding ways to express your energy? Or what if you are with a woman who has a long way to go towards understanding her own feminine beauty? Whether you are a man or woman, start by dropping any demands or petty expectations you may have either of your self or anybody else. Stop waiting for or looking "out there" for a real woman to show up.

Start by seeing what is already in your life. Every woman has places inside that are genuinely feminine, even if they have been hiding for a while. Every woman is real, and has natural, delicate perceptions that may simply be lying dormant waiting to be drawn out. Start appreciating feminine beauty and bring it up to the surface. Give your self times to be deliberately delicate and soft, without being needy or clingy. Where you are cloudy and vague, practice speaking clearly. Stop settling for disappointing interactions. Find your voice and say something to create a more intimate connection with whomever you are with.

One day just quietly observe the wild stream of every single emotion, intuition and feeling or thought you have. And finally, allow your self to utterly surrender to sensuous enjoyment every time you can. Don't wait for somebody else to change, start by being in your own juicy feminine beauty right away. Let your radiance and love pour out in your voice, in your movements and in your eyes. Practice being a real woman by simply feeling being in your body and enjoying the pleasures of daily living. Magically, the first real woman you will spot will be nearer than you ever imagined.

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