Keeping Our Sacred Sexual Energy Alive

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by Amara Charles

We hope you are enjoying, integrating and beginning to use the sacred sexuality teachings in your every day lives! Experiencing the joy, the togetherness and the vitality (and even some of the mistakes) of the workshop is one thing: we want to help you sustain this energy, make enduring changes, and continue keeping sacred sexual energy alive in your daily lives.

It is so easy to get back to work, back to the kids, back to being busy and back to old habits. Our tendency when we get stressed out is to pull back, horde our resources and especially pull back our sexual energy. We would like you to consider another idea: How about making tenderness, kindness, intimacy, and sexual pleasure your first priorities? Remember, when you are filled with pleasure, you have an abundance of energy to do everything else you need to do!

Yes, we know even in the best of times it can be quite a challenge to remember to keep your sexual energy a priority. When times get rough, understandably, sex can be the first thing to go. After all, who feels like laughing and playing around in bed when trouble may be at hand? Go ahead, store and gather pleasure, let go and surrender to what your body enjoys, and you will have a reserve of energy that you will need to move through stressful times.

It is really a unique experience to make love and keep your sexual energy alive in spite of all the seemingly good reasons why not to. For one thing, keenly feeling the preciousness of life is simply the most rejuvenating energy on the planet. Nothing is more satisfying than turning the light around, turning old lazy habits into moments of sensuous intimacy. Nobody can do this for you. It requires a change of mind, a change of heart. It's worth it! Go ahead-change your mind! Keep making sex and intimacy a priority in your life. See what happens!

Making love in stressful times can be an act of hope which can cleanse your soul. It can be an opportunity to be more caring, compassionate, and loving, with others, especially with those you are closest to. But sometimes people come to a sacred sexuality seminar, and get a jolt of awareness, they get a whiff of reality and it can be overwhelming. So they make every attempt to get back to normal as quickly as they can. With regards to sex, that means getting back to all the excuses, needy wounded and abandoned childishness, and all the self pity and self important unconscious, emotional avoidance tactics you learned in order to stay away from truly connecting sexually with another human being. It means returning to the sleep-walking laziness of comfort. It means trying to escape the absolute precariousness of authentic living. Keeping sex and intimacy alive is definitely a challenge.

It's true-making love and truly sharing our sacred sexual essence with another is the most vulnerable, the riskiest and perhaps the scariest thing of all. If we truly share our essence with another, we are utterly exposed. When we unite on the deepest levels of existence, we dissolve into nothingness. This is the moment, during sexual union and deep surrender, that we have the chance to glimpse our True Nature. This is the moment we long for, and perhaps it is also what we fear the most.

So we can continue to make excuses, and complain about what we do not have in our lives. Or, we can do our best and stumble along with as much dignity and courage as we can possibly muster. On the surface, when we avoid sex and intimacy we may seem to be getting the important things done in life. But reality suggests something else-what we are really afraid of is that death will come but we will have never lived.

So again we say, go ahead, try it. Make your sex and intimacy a priority in your life, share with somebody right now! Your pleasure is not a frivolous luxury you can afford to put off until tomorrow. Enjoying your sexual energy is about living right now. Being sexually loving, being willing to bare your soul, being willing to trust, surrender and feel life pulsing at its core is an act of courage worthy of a spiritual sexual warrior.

If you are only skimming the surface of your sexuality and are playing childish games and holding back your essence, then yes, sex is not only a dispensable luxury, it can become a distraction. That is why you must put aside once and for all the petty grievances and childish sexuality that keeps you from knowing your Natural Self.

Nothing is more subtle, more exquisite and remarkably alive than the sacred primordial energy of the everything surging through our bodies minds, spirits, and souls. It is time to treat life and each other with respect, dignity, and maturity. It is time to express reverence for our own and each others' sacred essence. Yes, it is a risk to really live, but not doing so is a far greater tragedy.

Sharing the core of who you truly are with another human being is the most important thing of all. The potent magic, the creativity and the power that is released in deep sacred and loving union may not only be personally gratifying at the highest levels, it may awaken the sleeping dragon of beauty and allow us to access the "knowledge of the heart" humanity requires from each of us.

In beauty,


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