First one has to become harmonious within oneself

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Consciousness changes everything from prose to poetry, from mathematics to music, from logic to love. It is a radical transformation -- and only after this transformation does one start enjoying the adventure of life. Then each moment is ecstatic, exquisite. Its beauty is immense, unfathomable, immeasurable, inestimable. One can experience it but one cannot express it. No expression is possible, no definition is possible. It is so vast and our words are so small; our words are like dewdrops and the experience of consciousness is oceanic. You cannot force the ocean into a dewdrop.

The experience of consciousness is absolutely wordless. It happens only in utter silence. The silence is so profound that even you are not there. It is just space. Everything is gone -- your mind is gone, your ego is gone, there is space full of light. This experience has been described as god or as nirvana or as truth.

And if one wants to catch some glimpse of it, then prose is the most inadequate thing; maybe poetry can reflect it a little bit -- just a little bit. Something of it can be communicated through poetry, something of it one can sing. One may not be able to say but one can sing it. It will not be in the words, it will oe in the very background of the song; not in the song itself, but in the gaps, in the pauses, in the intervals.

The poetry is not in the words, it is always between the words and between the lines. It is something surrounding the word like an invisible aura, but it is not exactly in the word. Or it can be experienced a little bit in music, even better than in poetry, because music is the highest form of poetry. Words are gone: only wounds are there and the harmony of the sounds.

It is not sounds that make the music but the harmony of the sounds. And the consciousness that I am talking about creates a harmony in your inner world among all your fragments, it joins them, it integrates them into one reality. Ordinarily we are thousands of thing, not one. we are many, a multitude, a crowd. But when one becomes conscious, slowly slowly the crowd loses its many-ness and becomes one, it becomes an integration, a crystallization and then there is great harmony.

First one has to become harmonious within oneself and then one can be harmonious with the universe, with the stars and the moon and the sun and the trees and the birds -- this whole vast infinite universe, one can merge into it. There are two mergers, one within yourself -- the first unity, and the second, with the whole -- the second unity. And within these two steps the whole journey is complete.

First become one with yourself, then become one with the whole -- and that's what I call holiness. To me that's the goal of sannyas, become conscious so your life becomes nothing but poetry, music, harmony, unity, oneness. And unless it happens one has lived in utter futility, in vain.


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