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Wild Nights by David Deida presents us with a spiritual challenge. This book dares us to open ourselves to the fullest expression of Divine Love in every single moment with every being and every thing. The tantalizing proposition of this book is: Are we willing to be ecstatically and fearlessly present within our everyday experience? Are we willing to keep our hearts open to be continuously consumed by the "Laughing Mama?" Are we willing to choose to continuously make love with the Divine One?

In Wild Nights, David makes brilliant use of our society's focus on sexuality as a medium to inspire us, "to be smithereened in bliss, opened beyond all limits, loved absolutely, to give of ourselves completely to infinity." David plays joyfully, powerfully, and masterfully with his teacher's message, at a level of spiritual clarity that is awesome. With finesse, David Guides us into the experience "where fuck becomes more than sex, where it becomes the pulse of God."

As with the Medieval Kabbalahists and the Sufi poetry of Kabir and Hafiz, where sex is a metaphor for opening to the Divine dance, this book exposes us to the experience of Kashmir Shavism, or the Truth of Tantra. We are taken far deeper than the genital location, to the fearless state of vulnerability where we are penetrated by God in every moment. We are led beyond the illusion of doing self-improvement and Tantric techniques, to the surrendered, unlimited, direct state of being the Ultimate Truth in every moment.

Wild Nights is a radically effective work that can arouse a shift of consciousness in a way that knocks on the doors of Liberation. Beyond the fear of death and the fear of life, we begin to pulse with the scintillating, synchronous non-dual / dual play of consciousness in every moment. We open to Life and Love in every breath. This creates the mind space where we die into the infinite openness of the total, uninhibited, raw Truth. The answer to David's dare is: Yes, we can be fully present, with our hearts available, continuously choosing to make love with the Divine One. For those who are ready, this book propels us into the final leap of faith, beyond the frontier of the mind, into the pulsating, ecstatic silent That--where all illusions are stripped away and we dance naked with God.

--Gabriel Cousens M.D.

  • The Red Realm
  • Wild Night
  • Love's Wound
  • Burden of Bliss

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