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What is the dirtiest word you know? Whatever word is the filthiest for you, say it out loud when you are alone.

Say it several times. Then say, “I love you,” imagining that you are with someone you love.

Say, “I love you,” several times, with real feeling.

Alternate between saying your dirtiest word and “I love you,” until you can say the dirty word with as much love, heart openness, and soft benediction as, “I love you.”

Then, with a trusted friend or lover, alternate saying your chosen bad word and “I love you” out loud, until he or she feels your love equally transmitted through both expressions.

Choose another filthy word, and repeat this process. Bad word, I love you, bad word, I love you… until the felt offering of your love is carried equally by both expressions.

After turning bad words into carriers of your love, practice saying every word that you utter, from now until you die, in a way that feels like “I love you” to whoever hears you.

When you notice yourself speaking lovelessly, return to this exercise, starting with the filthiest word you can, until you can speak every word, once again, as a felt carrier of love. This may take minutes or decades of practice.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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