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Imagine you are a penis, crammed into underwear and pants. You are curled up, smashed against the leg. Urine comes through you. Semen spurts out of you. You get hard and soft.

This is your life.

A knife is cutting through you. The blade is sharp, and the slice is swift. You are a penis lying on the floor, in a puddle of blood.

Disgusting, yes?

Why does this image feel different from a good night of sleep? Feel the mind moving—your thoughts—that create these strange feelings and images.

Imagine sleeping in a soft bed, or being a cut-off penis. The difference you feel is made from the same thoughts that create all your suffering. What does this mean? How do you discover the cause of your suffering and the source of true happiness? What does any of this have to do with genitals and beds? Try this experiment to get the answers.

Go between these two feelings, back and forth: A big, comfy bed. A severed penis in a puddle of blood. Picture each, feel both, one and then the other. Again and again. Brightly see and acutely feel the images. Cut penis. Soft bed.

Now, instantly—feel the “who” that can feel both pictures, and relax as that “who” now.

You are this capacity to feel.

(The images were just targets for your attention. The true you is the feeling-openness that notices the movement of attention between the images.)

You are the place where the pictures happen, where attention moves between a sliced genital and a soft bed. The imagery changes but the feeling-openness—who you are—is always unchangingly open to feel.

Instant enlightenment is to relax as this feeling-openness, whatever picture is happening now. Then you are free regardless of what happens, and you can act as love.

Feeling pain or pleasure, feeling-openness is. If you did this exercise, you just proved it.

No matter what the picture, if you are relaxed as feeling-openness, love can be offered freely as all your spontaneous actions.

By changing your images back and forth from horrendous to beauteous, and by being open as the feeling-place wherein images come and go, you grow more stably free of any particular picture. Still, the pictures happen, including the movements of your body and mind.

Untrapped in these pictures, yet moving free within them, love is liberated now.

If you forget this openness of feeling even for a fraction of a second, then you seem trapped again. Remember this openness that you are, and you will instantly find out that love acts spontaneously.

Don’t believe a word of this. Discover what is true for yourself when you do this exercise. See if you change with the picture, or if you are the openness where the picture happens, the openness who feels the changes.

Test enlightenment now. Penis. Bed. The pictures have changed. Where is the light of those pictures, and is feeling-openness any different than ever?

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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