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Everything feels enlarged in your mouth. A small sore or a tiny grain of sand can seem huge. Your lips and tongue are exquisitely sensitive to giving and receiving pleasure, tasting both the delicious and the bitter.

A jellyfish has no tongue. Perhaps its whole body is as sensitive as your tongue. Pretend that your whole body was tongue-sensitive. Imagine licking your socks, tasting the inside of your pants, French kissing the book you are holding.

Perhaps luckily, your whole body isn’t like this. Your taste organ is sheltered from bombarding flavors. Your tongue is protected in your mouth, behind teeth and bony jaws.

A tree has no tongue, and will never taste the salty sweat of a trembling lover. Yet a tree dances its leaves in the sunshine and rain, rooting down and dirty in the rich, damp earth, without stress of career or thoughts of death. A tree has no tongue, but in its own way, it is singing from its roots to its leaves, “I’m alive!”

Next time you use your mouth sexually, be grateful that you can. Allow the experience of oral sex to enlarge so you are unaware of anything else. Explore the landscape of oral sensations, the tastes and textures you lick and nibble and suck. Get lost in oral sex, as only a human does.

Before this birth and after death, you probably have no tongue. Who knows? But right now, in your human-shaped form, what is the most artful way to give joy with your mouth? How can you offer your soft tongue and skilled lips as a gift for the sake of others?

You can certainly give someone pleasure by stimulating his or her neck, earlobes, nipples, thighs, feet, anus, or genitals with your tongue and lips. But can you offer your mouth for this purpose: to enable your lover to offer ever-present openness as unfettered love for the sake of all beings?

This is the enlightened purpose of sex. Oral sex is unique, because our mouths are so sensitive. Proportionately, more of your brain’s capacity is dedicated to your tongue and lips than to any other body part. Obviously, a drop of salty water causes a different reaction if dripped on your back than on your tongue. So much more so for a genital’s texture and flavor between your lips. Your mouth knows the most of what it touches.

Try tiny little licks or nibbles, movements smaller than a grain of sand. Allow your lover to feel just how sensitive your mouth is by the groans and ahs that sound out as your tongue and lips discover explosive flavors and extreme textures of curve and ruffle that no redwood will ever feel. Let your dog in the next room wonder why you are moaning so.

Turn your tasted flavors into sounds, which allows your lover to feel your amplified responsiveness, connecting your hearts, enlarging love to flow between your two bodies. This is the point: to convert your mouth’s extreme sensitivity into the magnification of love.

Lip lapping love relaxes the boundaries between selves. Orally enlarged love lingers long after your tonguing has ceased and your sucking has stopped.

This love’s afterglow your pet can feel; so can a redwood, believe it or not, and certainly your children and friends can feel your tenderized and vulnerable heart all day. Your liberated love is a blessing in their lives.

Enlarged love offered to others is what your tongue can sexually expose. Why not?

Anything less would be an under-use of your human form. Trees have their own blessing style. Offer your most sensitive human part as a gift, tendering love-swelled blessings to all.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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