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Squeeze your own nipples so they almost hurt, but are still tingling with pleasure. You can actually do this, or simply imagine it, or have your trusted lover pinch your nipples so hard they are on the verge of hurting, but you are still mostly feeling pleasure.

Repeat this until you can simply remember the feeling of almost-painful pleasure in your nipples, whenever you want.

The next time you feel bothered by anything at all, remember this sensation of almost-painful pleasure in your nipples.

Offer this feeling in your nipples to your ancestors, in gratitude for the suffering they experienced so you could be born and have your nipples squeezed in such pleasure. It’s such a small offering for what they endured so you could be living now. It’s probably also more bodily-felt gratitude than you typically offer in any random moment.

Offer this feeling in your nipples to everyone who has ever hurt you in any way, in gratitude for the opportunity to learn to give pleasure from your nipples instead of pain from your memory.

Imagine that you were a great spiritual being, perhaps the Nazarene Jesus, or the Buddha from India, or the Tibetan Yeshe Tsogyal, or Mother Theresa from Albania. Also imagine that your whole body was as sensitive as your nipples.

Imagine yourself to be your chosen holy man or woman. Radiate pleasure on the verge of pain from your whole body—pleasure so intense it is almost too much to bear. Imagine radiating this pleasure to all other beings.

What expression do you have on your face as your whole nipple-like body offers the unbearable pleasure-pain of being?

Why have you chosen not to show this expression more often, for real, while offering love so openly it hurts?

Great spiritual beings love so much it hurts. Start with your nipples.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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