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As you read these words right now, feel what you are most afraid you might read under this heading “Masturbate.” Quickly, right now, what are you afraid you might read? (Think about it before you proceed to the next paragraph.)

If you can’t feel anything that you might fear, then either you are enlightened, or you have sabotaged your capacity to feel your fear, and so live in self-deceit.

“Masturbate” is the title of the chapter. Once you can feel what you were afraid you might read, then do it, in an appropriate situation, of course. Whatever you were afraid you might read under the heading, “Masturbate,” do it in a way that your body relaxes and your heart opens so you can offer your love to others more fully.

Imagine all the people in the world were watching you, and pleasure yourself for them—so their hearts open.

Your life feels smaller than you know it could be. Why? Part of the reason is your fear of unashamed pleasure. This fear curtails your whole-bodied flow of life’s force that you can enjoy even all by yourself.

If you want pleasure, there are no excuses and nobody else to blame. Either you have no limits whatsoever to the pleasure you allow your body to flow with, or you are harboring fear. Pleasure is energy. And energy is the movement of love. Is love free to move through every part of your body while masturbating?

If you didn’t even bother to feel what you are most afraid of reading under the chapter title, “Masturbate,” then you are probably too hesitant or doubtful to accomplish much of importance in your life. You’ll feel that true love or inspiration is lacking, or that you just don’t have the energy.

Masturbate to God-given ecstasy. Open your heart and offer your body to love’s force, exploding like silken electricity through your trembling, vibrant flesh without a wisp of fear, shame, or laziness.

If you can’t, or even worse, if you won’t, then you are chronically under-offering your body as a source of love’s energy, and you have nobody but yourself to open, first.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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