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Pretend you are going to kill the next person you see. Feel this in your body, emotions, and thoughts. Imagine that you are really going to kill this person. How do you feel inside? Now, imagine that you are going to have sex with the next person you see, male or female.

Again, how do you feel inside?

One last exercise: Pretend you are going to save the life of the next person you see. But in doing so, your life will end. Imagine you are going to die while saving this person’s life. How do you feel inside?

Which imagined action—killing, sexing, or saving while dying—most feels like liberation, freedom, and unbound love?

Why would you intentionally hold anything in your mind, except that which most opens your heart and soul, so that others may benefit from your openness?

From now on the choice is yours. When you find yourself imagining something that results in you feeling less open, simply imagine whatever most opens you.

This is the first step, to replace habits of closure with habits of openness. The next step is to hang loose as awareness in space, sustaining openness without support, being openness without effort or intention.

After you intentionally imagine whatever most opens you—perhaps saving your best friend’s life—allow this image or feeling to dissolve in openness, like a swirl dissolving in water. Let go of all effort to imagine anything, not adulterating love’s open water.

In another moment, you may find yourself once again thinking of something—perhaps a person you dislike— that closes you, even a little bit. What can you do?

First, intentionally visualize or feel whatever most opens your heart, softens your belly, and relaxes your mind—for instance, making passionate love with an enlightened lover as if your bodies were emanations of bliss-light.

Then, allow this visualization to dissolve in uncontrived feeling, like water unswirling in an ocean of love’s openness, alive as the entire space of now.

Replace unloving mind-forms with loving ones. Then, allow all forms to dissolve open as love’s clear gush of light. Repeat this two-step process whenever you happen to notice that you are closing, so openness prevails in every moment that you naturally remember.

This is the practice of instant love-openness, no matter what else you are doing in your life.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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