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Hate everyone you see today. Hate strangers, family, and friends. Look at each person and generate the feeling of hate.

Don’t get slack. If you aren’t hating, then work at it. Hate the woman in the car in front of you. Hate the man you last spoke with on the phone. Hate the next person you see, intensely.

As you hate, imagine yourself dying, right now, while hating. Hate, and feel as if you are dying. Would you rather die a different way than hating?

How would you rather die?

Live the answer to this question—offer the disposition in which you wish to die—from now on.

If you notice yourself slacking off, then, once again, practice hating every person you come upon. Really hate him or her, hating as hard as you can, and feel if this is how you want to die, in hate.

Relax open to be lived by the force of love. If this feels difficult, then hate for just an instant, to help you commit to how loving you want to be when you die, which could be right now.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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