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Think of something you covet. A new pair of shoes. Your friend’s Mercedes-Benz. A sex slave. Five million dollars. What comes to your mind first, something you really want but don’t have?

Now, imagine that you did have it. How would you act, right now? How would you feel, right now?

Act and feel as if you had what you coveted, right now. Breathe, move, blink, and enact the facial expression as if you had it. Act this way for a few minutes, feeling abundant with what you really covet.

Is acting and feeling this way fundamentally better than how you were acting and feeling before you imagined abundance?

If the answer is yes, then continue acting and feeling this way. Why not allow yourself to feel abundance now—why wait for an external excuse?

If the answer is that nothing is fundamentally better, then ignore your coveting, because getting what you want won’t get you to feel or act any better than now.

Here is the easy way to say it:

1. Act like you would feel if you had everything you want. Or…

2. Ignore your desires because they don’t lead to happiness in any case.

Either way, you are free.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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