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I love to watch you move. Your body is so open, I want to embrace you and hold your heart against mine. When I see you eat chocolate or your favorite foods, I am amazed at how your body responds by opening and softening in pleasure as if love were moving through you. You often quiver and make sounds of such delight. I wonder why you would choose to live any other way but this open to love. I know you can’t always be eating delicious delicacies, but I wonder how you would live if you were breathing and feeling divine ambrosia moving through your body right now.

You can surrender open and allow the full love-energy of your heart to flow through your body all day. You can learn to open so your heart’s love can flow fully through your entire body. Then, your true heart’s light can shine through your eyes and smile. Love’s energy can flow through the way you move. Love’s openness can breathe you. Others can see who you truly are. They can feel your deepest gifts. You are love, flowing with love, bright as love.

By learning to open to love’s fullest pleasure, your heart can express your deepest gifts through your body all day, and you will naturally attract and keep a lover whose deep heart is capable of meeting yours.

Imagine that you sit down with a bowl of your favorite treat—double chocolate ice cream with pecans. The first spoonful enters your mouth. Chocolate permeates your tongue like a delicious wave of fullness. Your eyes close and you smile. Mmmm! Love’s blissful openness spreads through your whole body. You breathe fully, inhaling the chocolate aroma, the soft ice cream melting in your mouth. Even your toes and fingers may begin moving with pleasure as you swallow chocolate fullness.

If you wanted to allow pleasurable energy to move through your body even more, if you wanted to open every part of your body to overflow with love’s fullness, then you could put down the bowl and stand up. You could give yourself over to chocolate madness, allowing your body to open and dance in chocolaty pleasure, writhing and swaying, moaning in yummy surrender.

You can allow energy to move through your entire body like electricity, opening you to a deeper flow of pleasure. You may even choose to allow sexual energy to move through you, touching your legs with your hands, writhing your hips in a voluptuous dance. You’ve gone way beyond the pleasure of chocolate now, feeling the flow of deeper passion and yearning in your body and heart.

Perhaps you lie on the couch and touch yourself between your thighs, wet with desire, full of wildness. Your tongue licks your lips wanting more, wanting more fullness to take in, more fullness to receive through your mouth, your belly, between your legs. Your legs open and close like butterfly wings as you touch yourself, surrendering open in the flow of energy and desire.

And then you may feel your heart, aching to be seen, wanting to be entered by love. More deeply than pleasure and energy, you want love. And not just your mother’s love. Most likely, you want to feel a passionate man of true heart-integrity loving you deeply. You want him to see who you really are and desire you, feeling into your deepest heart. You want his tender force of love-desire to enter you deeply, opening your heart’s secret core and unfolding your divine essence of love.

Although you may be reluctant to trust your own love’s yearning, your deepest heart waits to be loved so fully that you are opened more than you are willing to open by yourself, blissfully forced open by love’s deepest claim, revealed open and held in love’s gentle command.

At times, you yearn for him. Not necessarily a specific man, but a force of masculine love, seeing who you really are, entering you, gently forcing you open with pleasure, massive love, insisting, persisting, unyielding in desire for you, loving deeper into you and opening you, not stopping. You are filled by his love, taken open by his claim. Breathing more and more deeply, your body undulates, pressed open by his weight, filled by love’s enormity.

Your edges melt. Your boundaries dissolve. Your body opens outward, love radiating from your heart as an unkept offering. You cry as your resistance is melted in love’s fullness, pleasure forcing your body more open. Your face moist, your thighs wet, your belly heaving, you surrender open, as wide as all. No boundaries. All love, all openness, all fullness.

After opening so fully, you feel permeated by love’s ever-present touch for the rest of the day. As you walk through your home or carry on with your work, your hips move as a flower opens. Your belly is full of sky and stars. Your heart is offered ocean-deep. Washing the dishes or phoning your friends, love spills from your every gesture, blessing all with the abundant radiance of your heart.

Chocolate or a good man can instigate your heart’s surrender, but full-bodied pleasure and overflowing love—opening until you are exposed fully to God as love’s bliss— is the only way to live true to your deepest desire, with or without a trustable lover or a tasty dessert.

Dear Lover by David Deida

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