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You are a bug that has crawled into someone’s anus. It is dark and stinky, but safe. You can eat the crap around you. You don’t have to do anything but eat, breathe, and excrete, while being carried around in your host’s comfy butt.

Look around where you are right now. Why do you prefer it to living as a bug in an anus? What feels good in your current environment? Clean surfaces? Fresh air? Potential sexual partners and friends who are shaped like you?

Your desire for these specific qualities—and more—has resulted in you appearing as a human to yourself. (During dreams, you may have experienced what it feels like to appear as a non-human.)

If you are not willing for your favorite qualities of experience to disappear entirely, you will continue to suffer the human domain of jealousy, aggression, and the inevitable loss of those you love. When your environment might as well be an anus, when you can just as easily relax open there as where you are now, then you are free as love.

No matter where you find yourself, in heaven or hell, you can make this commitment: I am appearing here to offer love to everyone also appearing here, and I will do so as best as I can.

This can be your vow: I offer myself to be lived by love, as a gift for the sake of others.

No matter where you find yourself lodged, you can be alive as love’s offering. Love is a force that is larger than you. Love lives through you.

Until you are free to open as an offering of love in heaven or hell, you might as well attempt to enjoyably furnish the hole in which you now appear so you can get through another day of sorrow and despair.

Enjoy whatever sex, food, friends, technologies, or philosophies that distract you enough to keep on living.

In spite of the fact that you will suffer old age, sickness, and death, love tries to live through you. When love can’t find a way to live through you, then your psyche suffers, and depression or thoughts of suicide may haunt you.

Even while depressed, love breaks through your sense of futility in many little bursts, in your child’s laughter, the smell of coffee, or the light of sunrise. Love breaks through your despair and you are grateful to be alive, for just a moment.

Practice this gratefulness, even while wanting to die. Offer yourself to be lived by love, especially when the weight of your life seems too much to bear.

Nobody will argue against your preference for a nice house to a bunghole. But preference isn’t the source of love’s liberation.

Enlightenment is the capacity to open and be lived by the love that is already, miraculously, living your life, despite all your current torment or refusal. Instant enlightenment is to offer love now—whatever the circumstance—without waiting for things to get better.

Things will get better, but they will also get worse. You can count on that, so why not open and be lived by love as an offering now?

The bugs in your butt may be happier than you, having their cake and eating it too, offering bug-love as a bug-blessing to their bug-friends and family, without waiting for things to get better. Are you so free, or are you still waiting for some form of home-improvement before you’ll love without holding back?

Allow love to breathe you, with every inhale and exhale. Allow love to speak through your words. Even if you find yourself born as a bug in an anus, allow your entire life to be animated by love’s force, and you are as free as you can be.

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

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