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Betty Dodson, artist, author, and PhD sexologist has been one of the principal voices for women's sexual pleasure and health for over three decades.

Background on Betty Dodson

Dodson had the first one-woman show of erotic art in ’68 in nyc followed by three others. She produced and presented the first feminist slide show of vulvas at the 1973 NOW Sexuality Conference in New York where she introduced the electric vibrator as a pleasure device. For 23 years, she ran Bodysex groups where women learned about their bodies and orgasms through the practice of self-stimulation.

Her first book, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove (’74) became a feminist classic. Sex for One (’87) sold over a million copies.Orgasms for Two (’02) embraces partner sex. She has authored numerous articles on the subject of women’s sexual pleasure and orgasm.Wrote/produced/directed 5 erotic sex educational videos on her ground breaking hands-on teaching. In 1994, she earned a PhD in clinical sexology. Dodson has presented at conferences for sexual scientists, therapists, and psychologists.

She has been interviewed on prime time cable television shows from the ‘70s to present including The History Channel; The O’Reilly Factor; The View; BET; HBO; Donahue; Sally Jesse Raphael; Geraldo; Joan Rivers; etc. She has been featured in national publications such as O Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy; Playgirl, Penthouse, Ms. Magazine, Bust, Time Out NY, LA and Chicago.


Excerpts from Betty's Books




Latest Articles

How Do I Get Over Sexual Guilt?
(23.Apr. 23:51)

Hello Dr Betty

My name is M - I'm a 21 yr old male and I have been suffering from severe guilt since I was 20 when I experienced my first sexual intercourse, but it has a twist, I lost my virginity to a woman who was 38 and married to a man, I didn't know them at all we met over the net, she liked me and I really wanted to have sex so we decided to meet at my house when my parents where away and she came over during her work hours so her husband does not suspect anything. I loved it and, for me, it was the most wonderful experience at the time.

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I Look at Myself with the Intent to Give & Receive Love
(23.Apr. 23:48)

All relationships are mirrors. If you feel your partner is falling short it invariably means you are too.

Mirrors. The world is a hall of mirrors. When some random person really gets under my skin and on my nerves it almost invariably means they are reflecting a dysfunctional behaviour that I share with them. It's not them it's me. Well its both of us but I'm just going to own my shit and you can own yours. So the 'annoying' behaviour in others causes me agitation because I'm refusing to acknowledge that behaviour in myself.

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18 Year Old Betty
(23.Apr. 06:34)

I love this picture of 18 year old "Geek" Betty.  It was taken when she
worked at the local news paper - the Wichita Beacon - doing commerical
art and illustration.

Why Does an Orgasm Feel So Good?
(22.Apr. 03:31)

Dear Dr. Betty,

I have been looking around google to try and find something that tells me exactly what goes on in your body to make you feel that climax sensation. I have had no luck, for one website told me that the more orgasms a women has, the more cum builds up in some sack near your bladder, and eventually needs to drain itself through, in simplified way, "squirting". So yea... no luck.

What goes on internally? what is that blood rushing sensation in your clit and why does it feel so good?

Dear D,

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I Was Completely in My Animal Self
(21.Apr. 01:55)

I thought this beautiful post by Kristen Tea about her labor experience was the right way to mark this holiday of life and rebirth. Here is my favorite passage:

"I was completely in my animal self now– moaning, Om-ing, gyrating my hips and breathing deep...I felt my body opening, and I embraced the non-stop rushes. My husband {Chad} continued to move in and out of the bathroom, removing the shower head, hooking up the hose, and stopping to tell me 'You’re beautiful.'

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Happy Easter
(21.Apr. 00:39)

I couldn't resist.


What Does Sexual Leadership Look Like in Partner Sex?
(20.Apr. 01:27)

Dear Betty and Carlin,

Thank you so much for your transformative work. I am so grateful. What does sexual leadership look like in partner sex when the woman learns so much from your work that she outgrows her role as an active participant and now wants to take a leadership role in sex with her husband?

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Independent Orgasms Together
(19.Apr. 04:57)
See video

The best partner sex is consistent orgasms together. 

I Want to Live in a Country With Homoerotic Art Stamps
(19.Apr. 00:16)

Finland just released these official country stamps featuring the work of homoerotic artist Tom of Finland.  When discussing his process, he admitted that it he doesn't get an erection when he's working then he knows it's no good. 

Can you imagine a Mapplethorpe stamp being released here in the US?  Fucking forget it.  I probably can't even link this image to Facebook without getting a warning. 

And we wonder why the rest of the world kicked out their Puritans and sent them here. 

It's Ok to Have Naughty Fantasies & Know My Body Better Than a Man
(19.Apr. 00:07)


I just wanted to tell you that I'm 28 years old and up until I started watching your YouTube videos I thought there was something wrong with me, turns out it's ok not to orgasm whilst having penetration sex, it's ok to have naughty fantasies and it's ok to know MY body better than A man will know my body and it's not slutty (used in a derogatory way) to have anal sex.. ITS ALL GOOD!!!

Thank you, you have made my self esteem around sex blossom, so to you and carlin I cannot thank you enough for making me feel ok about my self!

Much love and gratitude,

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