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Betty Dodson, artist, author, and PhD sexologist has been one of the principal voices for women's sexual pleasure and health for over three decades.

Background on Betty Dodson

Dodson had the first one-woman show of erotic art in ’68 in nyc followed by three others. She produced and presented the first feminist slide show of vulvas at the 1973 NOW Sexuality Conference in New York where she introduced the electric vibrator as a pleasure device. For 23 years, she ran Bodysex groups where women learned about their bodies and orgasms through the practice of self-stimulation.

Her first book, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove (’74) became a feminist classic. Sex for One (’87) sold over a million copies.Orgasms for Two (’02) embraces partner sex. She has authored numerous articles on the subject of women’s sexual pleasure and orgasm.Wrote/produced/directed 5 erotic sex educational videos on her ground breaking hands-on teaching. In 1994, she earned a PhD in clinical sexology. Dodson has presented at conferences for sexual scientists, therapists, and psychologists.

She has been interviewed on prime time cable television shows from the ‘70s to present including The History Channel; The O’Reilly Factor; The View; BET; HBO; Donahue; Sally Jesse Raphael; Geraldo; Joan Rivers; etc. She has been featured in national publications such as O Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy; Playgirl, Penthouse, Ms. Magazine, Bust, Time Out NY, LA and Chicago.


Excerpts from Betty's Books




Latest Articles

A Hint of Nipple
(24.Nov. 00:39)

I've always been a Jane Birkin fan because she marched to the beat of her own drum and inspired the world around her. 

And I love this picture - the expression on her face and the hint of nipple.  Photo by Pierre Fizet 1974.

Some Months My Vagina Feels Smaller & Swollen
(24.Nov. 00:26)

Dear Betty,

I have a problem that might not appear as a problem to many other women.

I have a great sex life with a lot of orgasms. I'm masturbating since I can remember and, after first struggles with some pretty stupid guys who were jerks only looking after their poor satisfaction, I found someone I can really be myself with. He's really amazing trying to get me satisfied and it's really easy for me to let go and getting stunning orgasms in a lot of different ways. We're experimenting a lot from romantic sex to bdsm and switching roles (it's an amazing feeling to turn a guy into your "bitch" and penetrate him with a strap on). So you see my muscles are trained very well.

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She Says It Tickles When I Stimulate Her Body
(22.Nov. 08:38)

It's probably an orgasm...she needs to meet the feeling and masturbate regularly.

Naked From Below
(22.Nov. 00:00)

Jenny Saville is known for painting large female nudes. For her latest series Closed Contact she did this self-portrait. Fashion photographer Glen Luchford took shots of Saville from below lying naked against a sheet of perspex. I love the effect.

Jenny shared that she put on weight for the project. Whenever I go naked on camera, I eat whatever I want and don't work out for 2 weeks. Flesh looks better on film and I want to show dimples and cellulite. There's something so much more vulnerable and real about a woman who hasn't spent a month starving herself on a treadmill 24/7 to represent an ideal that she seldom practices in her normal life.

It's quite liberating.

Girlfriend's Vagina Gets Ticklish During Sex
(21.Nov. 23:53)

Dear Dr. Betty,

I was a virgin before I met my current gf so I'm inexperienced when it comes to sex. We've been together close to 2 years now and regularly have sex. In the beginning I noticed she would start giggling and tell me to stop penetrating her because it gave off a tickling sensation.

The first time I experienced this it was a bit awkward because she was laughing and I didn't know what was going on. She told me that it got sensitive and became ticklish. I looked it up and read something along the lines of "can't reach orgasm because I become ticklish" but after further reading I read that the tickling sensation is similar to a male after he's orgasms where he needs to stop because its sensitive and ticklish.

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Female Sexual Pleasure Mattered to the Victorians
(21.Nov. 01:03)

We always think of the Victorians as total prudes who wore huge underwear but that wasn't exactly the case. According the historian Fern Ridell, pleasure was quite important especially female sexual pleasure:

"A book called The Art to Begetting Handsome Children, published in 1860, contains a detailed passage on foreplay, and shows us that, for the Victorians, sex, pleasure and love were concepts that were universally tied together.

In A Guide To Marriage, published in 1865 by the aptly named Albert Sidebottom, the advice to young couples exploring their relationship for the first time is that “All love between the sexes is based upon sexual passion”.

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Intercourse is Not Pleasant for Me
(21.Nov. 00:56)

Dear Dr. Betty,

I am a 27 year woman who has not had a lot of intercourse in her life- I am talking about penis-in-the-vagina type of intercourse. For a few years now I have been masturbating and (I think) I am able to have some (tame) orgasms. But my partners have been few and far between and when I do have intercourse I get a very unpleasant sensation, a type of pressure in my lower abdomen, a strong urge to pee. And that makes me tense up, because I feel that if I don't I might pee right there and then, which increases the feeling of tension in that area.

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The First Gender Neutral Sex Toy
(20.Nov. 01:04)

A Swedish company has launched the Transformer - the first gender neutral sex toy.  It features two vibrating ends and a flexible straw-like body to wrap around any phallus/breast etc.

I'm not sure the vibrating ends are large enough to pack the punch my clit needs but it's an interesting idea for a multi-use toy.  There's something here that's quite intriguing.

Medicalizing Female Sexual Dysfunction Under the Feminist Banner
(20.Nov. 00:44)

Leonore Tiefer is a friend and colleague who's spent the last decade of her life fighting Big Pharma to keep women safe from the all-consuming pursuit of "pink viagra" - the tiny little pill that can give all women the sex lives of their dreams.

She single-handedly blocked the release of the testosterone patch for women.  They hadn't conducted one safety study and she wasn't going to let them medicalize menopause at the expense of women's lives.

Recently, pharmaceutical companies launched a campaign and series of meetings #womendeserve alleging that the FDA is sexist for failing to approve a drug to treat women's sexual problems. Leonore and other sex professionals showed up to see where they were going with all this.

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Get a Second Opinion Before You Cut
(19.Nov. 01:06)

When I tell people that I'm having a baby boy, the first question they ask is whether I'm going to circumcise -  I answer with a resounding "no".  Then they'll share some story about a friend's child whose foreskin wouldn't retract and they ended up circumcising at a later age. 

A little science: all baby boys are born with their foreskin attached to the glans of the penis.  Their foreskin doesn't retract and you should never try to retract it yourself.  This is normal until they get older.  By 6-10 years old, their foreskin should detach from the glans naturally and retract all on its own. 

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