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Betty Dodson, artist, author, and PhD sexologist has been one of the principal voices for women's sexual pleasure and health for over three decades.

Background on Betty Dodson

Dodson had the first one-woman show of erotic art in ’68 in nyc followed by three others. She produced and presented the first feminist slide show of vulvas at the 1973 NOW Sexuality Conference in New York where she introduced the electric vibrator as a pleasure device. For 23 years, she ran Bodysex groups where women learned about their bodies and orgasms through the practice of self-stimulation.

Her first book, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove (’74) became a feminist classic. Sex for One (’87) sold over a million copies.Orgasms for Two (’02) embraces partner sex. She has authored numerous articles on the subject of women’s sexual pleasure and orgasm.Wrote/produced/directed 5 erotic sex educational videos on her ground breaking hands-on teaching. In 1994, she earned a PhD in clinical sexology. Dodson has presented at conferences for sexual scientists, therapists, and psychologists.

She has been interviewed on prime time cable television shows from the ‘70s to present including The History Channel; The O’Reilly Factor; The View; BET; HBO; Donahue; Sally Jesse Raphael; Geraldo; Joan Rivers; etc. She has been featured in national publications such as O Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy; Playgirl, Penthouse, Ms. Magazine, Bust, Time Out NY, LA and Chicago.


Excerpts from Betty's Books




Latest Articles

How Can I Learn to Enjoy Sex & Not Worry About My Disabled Body?
(24.Jul. 23:18)

Dear Dr. Betty,

First of all, I just want to thank you so much for spreading the important knowledge about the world of sexuality. I have had a progressive upbringing with a mother who was never shy to tell me the in and outs of sex. But your site has given me a more in depth knowledge about how sex “really works” and it’s not all about the penis going into the vagina. I also appreciate encouragement you have for masturbation, as I think no one can ever know your body better than yourself.

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Truth is Neither Universal Nor Absolute; It’s Cultural
(24.Jul. 23:06)

Some things just outrage me. Yesterday, on NPR, I heard a 12 year old talk about why she thought “illegals” should be turned away from the US borders. She spoke about how these bad people were bringing drugs and disease into our country.

What blew my mind is that she said she thought the children should be sent home, or “better yet, put in jail.” And what’s particularly disturbing is that, many of the children coming to the US seeking asylum, are her age or younger.

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Loving the #freethenipple Campaign
(24.Jul. 01:30)

I'm loving the #freethenipple campaign on instragram (instagram is owned by Facebook) and had to post this pic by model Cara Delevingne. 

Her brief anatomy lesson shows how ridiculous censoring women's nipples really is especially when they don't censor men's nipples.  Let's keep the heat on and see if we can't change some things on social media.

I Am Beginning to See My Wife Through the Perceptions of Another
(24.Jul. 00:13)

After 30+ years of marital fidelity, my wife got bored with our sex life. It's as simple as that.

It didn't have anything to do with not "loving" me any more, either. It was the 30 years of the daily routine, that any married couple goes through! Over the years, two people get to know one another so well, that nothing about that person surprises them any longer. They get to the point where they can almost guess what the other is about to say about nearly everything.

Yes, there can be a certain degree of comfort in that, but, familiarity can also blind a person.

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Is It Possible That My Body is Only Capable of Vaginal Orgasms?
(23.Jul. 00:11)

Dear Betty,

I am 26 and am having a hard time coming through masturbation (clitoral orgasms in general) ever since I am a child. I enjoy touching myself, have no guilt feelings and am very happy with my body, but never come properly, it is never satisfying, after getting higher and higher it rather leaves me empty. It feels "superficial" and not the way I want it to feel.

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Madonna & Katy Do a Bettie Page
(23.Jul. 00:08)

Loving their spread for V Magazine...totally reminds me of Bettie Page kink pics.

Thank you, Bunny Siegel, for creating these images of female domination most of which were destroyed by our government :(

Cafe Welcomes Breastfeeding Mothers
(21.Jul. 23:23)

Unlike Hollister and Victoria Secret who escorted breastfeeding moms out of their stores, Emma O'Connor decided to post this sign after welcoming an exhausted mom to sit and breastfeed:

"I made her a cup of tea and she looked like I’d given her a million pounds. I’d have done it ages ago if I’d known it would make people feel more confident.

Sometimes you just need to sit down with your baby. Not everyone is as confident, and it’s not as easy for everyone. You can’t just sit on a park bench sometimes. We’ve had an unbelievable response. We’ve got emails from all over the place."

So amazing when motherhood is supported by the community.

I Feel Like a Failure Every Time I Masturbate & Don't Orgasm
(21.Jul. 23:04)

Hello Dr. Betty,

I feel absolutely ridiculous for having this problem, but I thought I'd ask you about it just in case you've dealt with it before. I'm 17 years old, and I've had one orgasm in my entire life. I masturbate regularly (2-3 times a day).

The one time I had an orgasm was through about 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation. It felt really really good, and I felt very accomplished because I used to think women usually only orgasmed during sex (stupid, I know).

A couple months ago, my boyfriend was masturbating and texting me with details of what exactly he was doing because I like that sort of thing. Once he came, we somehow got on the topic of my orgasms.

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The Censorship of the Vulva
(19.Jul. 05:44)
See video

If women don't know what's between their legs, we will never be free.

My Favorite Flapper Dominatrix
(19.Jul. 03:22)

Thought I'd give you some eye candy for the weekend. 

Yva Richard is my favorite 1920's Flapper Dominatrix.

Go to:

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